AAdvantage Panels and Fence

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What We Did
SEO optimization, Site Cleanup, Custom Web App Development
Created by
Sean, Micah
WordPress (Websites)
HTML/CSS/Angular and REST API (Custom Web App)


With AAdvantage we were asked to come in and clean up their existing website. They had numerous issues with site functionality, as well as just needing a general cleanup. Next we went through the entire site optimizing their on-site SEO and we continue to work with them on building their presence online.

After completing the work on panelsandfence.com for AAdvantage, we moved on to their newest brand called MyTCoat.


MyTCoat.com was started by AAdvantage as an addition to their already successful fencing business, where they would build outdoor furnitures such as benches and picnic tables. The owner, Troy, wanted the new site to look as close to panelsandfence.com as possible without being a direct clone. We were able to take the initial design, tweak it, and come out with something that everyone was pleased with.

Freight App

During the course of the MyTCoat project, Troy also tapped us to create a custom freight quote application for his internal employees. This would be a 100% custom application created from the ground up. Utilizing 6 different shipping companies systems. We were able to build a web application that AAdvantage employees would be able to look up shipping rates without accessing each company’s website which would save them both time and money.

Working with everyone at AAdvantage was a great experience. We could not have asked for a better client.

  • AAdvantage Panels and Fence site cleanup and SEO
  • AAdvantage Panels and Fence Videos
  • AAdvantage Panels and Fence eCommerce WooCommerce
  • MyTCoat Homepage slider and header design
  • MyTCoat eCommerce Layout
  • MyTCoat and AAdvantage custom shipping application