You Have Choices …

You have plenty of choices when you are looking for a design agency. There are companies that will charge you pennies and there are huge companies that focus on the big fish. What about the family owned businesses? That is where 24th and 10 Creative comes in. We provide high quality, premium creative services for small businesses.

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… But Why Us?

24th & 10 Creative is made up of 3 amazing individuals. THREE PEOPLE?! That’s right, everything we do will be done by one of three people. We take the smaller is better approach in life. We could have multiple designers, developers, and marketing specialists handling many clients at once. The problem is, this is impersonal and hectic. Instead, you will get to know every person that will be working with you. So let’s meet the team.

Sean Piper

Web Designer / Developer

Sean acts as the primary web designer and developer. He takes the designs and concepts and gets them working. He has a very unique skill set including web design, web development, traditional art, search engine optimization, network security, video production, and master of nerdy things.

Jennifer Piper

Graphics / Marketing Guru

Jennifer is a lovable ball of energy with a passion for branding. She is incharge of all things graphic design, marketing, branding, and everything else pretty and happy. She has won a total of 3 American Ad Federation awards and has worked for a number of high profile design and marketing companies.

Micah Downing

Programming Genius

Micah is a literal genius. This man knows everything from general web development all the way to large scale server management. This man can do it all, and does it all incredibly well.

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